“On the City Council, I’ll bring a unique and critical perspective as a frontline care provider who also works to bring housing programs to scale– expertise the current council simply doesn’t have.

These issues impact all Seattle neighborhoods, but disproportionately impact the communities and small businesses of District One.

I would be honored to earn your support!”

— Preston

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Why I’m Running

Having known the hardship of poverty growing up in a single-parent household and benefitting from public assistance I was naturally drawn to the helping profession—serving first as a medic in the United States Army and later as a clinical social worker. My service to those in my care and to my community has been shaped by the example of my grandmother who demonstrated the virtue of selflessness and humility during her lifetime as she cared for many people in need and left the world a better place because of her courage.

I have worked 12 years as a clinical social worker helping those unhoused, caring for those with profound mental illness, helping those suffering from addiction, and giving comfort to those with profound traumas. My unshakeable commitment to District–West Seattle, South Park, Georgetown, SODO, and Pioneer Square–is to build safe, healthy, and vibrant communities. I will work to expand the arts and music in our District. I will ensure that regularly scheduled community forums are rotated around District 1 where community members feel safe to share their concerns. I believe in the dignity of all District 1 residents and will ensure your voice is heard on the City Council. It is time for a social worker to step in and lead.